Inspired Aspirations is a creativity studio which aims to harmoniously charge the body, mind and soul of those open to awakening the vibrant Life Essence within.  Our mission is to assist all in their efforts to create a physical reality of love, transform our world in peace, and inspire all souls to achieve set goals. 


Create * Transform * Inspire *



Suncat Meadowlark

Suncat Meadowlark
Folk Rock Artist
Guitar, Flute & Vocals

Michael John Jazz

Michael John Jazz

 Jazz Musician
Songwriter, DJ & Producer
Trumpet, Flugal Horn, Flutes & Vocals

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Music can initiate change and help your mind and emotions turn on a dime. Relax and travel on a mystical journey as you enjoy this new CD release, Strange Language, by yours truly, Suncat & Michael John, of The Tao Flow.



Listen to some sweet sounds by Suncat Meadowlark, to help lighten your mood and make you smile. Beam your sunshine rays.