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 Inspired Aspirations is a well-being studio and spa offering organic facial treatments, natural therapies, and creative workshops in art, music and movement. Our mission is to assist you in your efforts to transform your physical body, release your busy mind, and inspire your soul to achieve set goals. 


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 Transform your skin. Glow vibrantly.

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Transmute your energy.  Increase vitality.

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Transcend limitations.  Develop versatility.

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Educator and Practitioner

Nancy Bertrand Inspired Aspirations Practitioner and Educator

Nancy Bertrand
Bachelor of Science in Education 
Licensed Esthetician E7316 
Clinical Aromatherapist 
Reiki Master Teacher 
Music Artist 

Michael John Jazz

Michael John Jazz

Music Producer 
DJ & Recording Artist 
Cymatic Sound Therapist

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Music can initiate change and help your mind and emotions turn on a dime. Relax and travel on a mystical journey as you enjoy this new CD release, Strange Language, by yours truly, Nancy, of The Tao Flow.



Listen to some sweet sounds by Nancy, a.k.a. Suncat Meadowlark, to help lighten your mood and make you smile. Beam your sunshine rays.


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Code of Conduct

Please carefully read the Inspired Aspirations Code of Conduct document prior to choosing Nancy as your service provider.